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Table 3 SUV and TATV results of lymph nodes and distant metastases

From: Head and neck tumors angiogenesis imaging with 68Ga-NODAGA-RGD in comparison to 18F-FDG PET/CT: a pilot study

PatientLocalizationDimensiona [mm]SUVmax [g/mL]SUVmean [g/mL]SUV42%/SUVbackground [1]Tracer avid tumor volume [cm3]
1Left IIb1033.21.923.34.53.75
2Left IIa94.
3Left IIa–IIb4153.18.41.816.63.98.514
5Right IIa1011.
 Right IIa9134.892.916.263.27.5
 Right IIa63.
6Left IIa87.73.54.528.
 Right III1562.
 Left III95.22.531.
 Right IV761.
 Left IV77.
 Right V7.
7Right IIa941.
 Left IIb52.
8Right IIa1441.
 Right IIb1372.
9Left I1741.
 Left IIa174.51.42.4151.769
 Left IIb1241.
 Left III1352.
10Left retropharyngeal771.
 Right retropharyngeal54120.
 Right IIa771.541.37.81.957.7
Mean 8.572.
p   0.0017 0.0017 0.0017 0.0017
5Pulmonary right upper lobe16122.37.71.4152.90.92
 Pulmonary left upper lobe1011.
  1. aLymph node measure: small axis