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Table 1 Study population

From: Head and neck tumors angiogenesis imaging with 68Ga-NODAGA-RGD in comparison to 18F-FDG PET/CT: a pilot study

 GenderAgeTNMTumor localizationBiopsy resultHistologic gradingp16HPV
1F63pT2 pN1 cM0Left tonsilSCCPoorly differentiated++
2M59pT2 pN1 cM0Left tonsilSCCWell differentiated
3M53pT2 pN2b cM0Left paramandibularSCCModerate differentiated++
4M50pT3 pN0 cM0Left arytenoidSCCWell differentiated++
5F73pT1b pN2b cM1GlotticSCCWell differentiated
F73pT3 pN2b pM1Posterior oral cavitySCCWell differentiated
6F65pT4a pN2c cM0Right tongue baseSCCModerate differentiated++
7M49cT2 cN3b cM0Left tonsilSCCModerate differentiated
8F69pT4a pN2c cM0Base of the tongueSCCModerate differentiated
9M59pT3 pN3 cM0Left tonsilSCCModerate differentiated
10M44pT2 pN2 cM0Right rhinopharynxDedifferentiated carcinomaPoorly differentiated++