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Table 5 Results of Cox regression analysis/univariate analysis

From: Combination of FDG-PET and FMISO-PET as a treatment strategy for patients undergoing early-stage NSCLC stereotactic radiotherapy

VariableHR95% CIp
All patients
 Tumor diameter1.1071.020–1.2010.014
 FDG SUVmax1.1081.007–1.2200.035
 FMISO SUVmax4.3741.726–11.080.002
 FMISO TMR5.6701.973–16.290.001
 FMISO TBR9.3092.371–36.540.001
Larger-tumor patients
 Tumor diameter1.060.960–1.1720.251
 FDG SUVmax1.080.980–1.1910.121
 FMISO SUVmax3.6281.367–9.2640.010
 FMISO TMR4.7451.552–14.500.006
 FMISO TBR12.712.218–72.870.004
  1. Abbreviations are explained in Table 2 footnote