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Table 3 CRCmean and CRCmax limits for the six phantom spheres as defined by EARL [17]. For each sphere, relative differences between the upper and lower CRC limits were calculated using \( {\mathrm{CRC}}_{\mathrm{dif}}\left(\%\right)=\frac{\mathrm{maximumCRC}-\mathrm{minimumCRC}}{\left(\mathrm{maximumCRC}+\mathrm{minimumCRC}\right)\times 0.5}\times 100 \)

From: SUV variability in EARL-accredited conventional and digital PET

Sphere diameterLimits
min–max limitsCRCdif (%)min–max limitsCRCdif (%)
10 mm0.27–0.4346%0.34–0.5751%
13 mm0.44–0.6031%0.59–0.8536%
17 mm0.57–0.7325%0.73–1.0132%
22 mm0.63–0.7821%0.83–1.0927%
28 mm0.72–0.8517%0.91–1.1322%
37 mm0.76–0.8916%0.95–1.1620%