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Fig. 7

From: Voxel-based statistical analysis and quantification of amyloid PET in the Japanese Alzheimer’s disease neuroimaging initiative (J-ADNI) multi-center study

Fig. 7

PET images and Z-score maps in MNI space, and the three physicians’ visual read and consensus comments for three representative cases, in which official consensus interpretation was “equivocal.” There are the cases in which three physicians' visual read matched (a) or did not match (b and c). The Z-score maps correctly delineated abnormal Aβ accumulation over the same regions as the visual read (red arrows). F, L, Pa, Po, and S are frontal lobe, lateral temporal lobe, lateral parietal lobe, posterior cingulate gyrus and precuneus, and striatum, respectively. Class., Nega., Posi., and Equiv. are classification, negative, positive, and equivocal, respectively. The circle and triangle represent the positive and equivocal region, as judged by the physicians

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