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Fig. 4

From: Impact of the cerebrospinal fluid-mask algorithm on the diagnostic performance of 123I-Ioflupane SPECT: an investigation of parkinsonian syndromes

Fig. 4

ROC analysis of SBRs with and without the CSF-mask algorithm. The AUCs for the SBRs with and without the CSF-mask algorithm were 0.917 (95% CI 0.887–0.947) and 0.895 (95% CI: 0.861–0.929) in NC (a), and 0.930 (95% CI 0.902–0.957) and 0.903 (95% CI: 0.870–0.936) in AC (b), respectively. AC attenuation correction, CSF cerebrospinal fluid, NC no correction, ROC receiver-operating characteristics, SBR specific binding ratio, AUC area under the curve, CI confidence interval

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