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Table 3 Contingency table for MPIO-αVCAM-1 binding localization using T2*-weighted MR images

From: Molecular imaging of endothelial activation and mineralization in a mouse model of accelerated atherosclerosis

Group of mice Ur NUr Ctl
Aortic root (i) 4 1 0
Ascending aorta (ii) 1 1 0
Aorta braciocephalic trunk level (iii) 1 0 0
Brachiocephalic trunk (iv) 1 0 0
Aortic arch (v) 1 0 0
Total of animals 4/5 1/4 0/5
  1. The site of binding is noted for each animal. An animal may have more than one site of binding. (i) The aortic root, (ii) the ascending aorta, (iii) the aorta at the level of the brachiocephalic trunk, (iv) the brachiocephalic trunk, and (v) the aortic arch. The groups of mice were uremic ApoE−/− (Ur, n = 5), non-uremic ApoE−/− (NUr, n = 5), and control mice (Ctl, n = 5)