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Table 4 Comparison of bone marrow absorbed dose estimates based on Monte Carlo simulations for patients 8 and 9

From: 3D Monte Carlo bone marrow dosimetry for Lu-177-PSMA therapy with guidance of non-invasive 3D localization of active bone marrow via Tc-99m-anti-granulocyte antibody SPECT/CT

Patient MC1 (mGy) MC2 (mGy) gMC3 (mGy) SMIRD (mGy)
P8 1123 225 718 46
P9 684 202 408 40
  1. gMC3 uses the patient-specific Tc-99m-anti-granulocyte-based active bone marrow VOI. MC1 assumes a physiological active bone marrow distribution, while MC2 assumes a physiological distribution, however with displacement of active bone marrow from the direct site of metastases