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Fig. 3

From: Validation of [125I]CPCR4.3 as an investigative tool for the sensitive and specific detection of hCXCR4 and mCXCR4 expression in vitro and in vivo

Fig. 3

Exemplary eternalization kinetics of [125I]CPCR4.3 in different hCXCR4 (CHO-hCXCR4, HT-29, MCF-7) and mCXCR4 (CHO-mCXCR4) expressing cell lines. Externalization kinetics at 37 °C were determined under conditions allowing (assay medium only) or inhibiting (100 μM AMD3100 in assay medium) ligand re-binding/recycling. Data are given as total cellular activity (% of cellular activity at t = 0). Each experiment was performed in triplicate, and results are means ± SD

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