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Fig. 2

From: Imaging-guided precision medicine in glioblastoma patients treated with immune checkpoint modulators: research trend and future directions in the field of imaging biomarkers and artificial intelligence

Fig. 2

Detection of a potential hyperprogression in a patient with glioblastoma. This case illustrates the potential risk of hyperprogression. Imaging of an 18 year old patient with a diagnosis of glioblastoma treated with anti-PD-1. MRIs were obtained at 3-month intervals (baseline, ae; 3 months, f, g). ae Baseline T1 post-contrast MRI prior to immunotherapy and re-gamma knife therapy demonstrating an enhancing lesion with increased perfusion. f, g MRI post-initiation of immunotherapy showing fast interval growth of the lesion, as well as a life-threatening mass effect. This case illustrates the potential life-threatening local complications of hyperprogression

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