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Fig. 1

From: Imaging-guided precision medicine in glioblastoma patients treated with immune checkpoint modulators: research trend and future directions in the field of imaging biomarkers and artificial intelligence

Fig. 1

Imaging of actionable molecular pathways in patients with glioblastoma: the concept of supervoxels. Imaging allows non-invasive evaluation of the action of immune checkpoint modulators in patients with glioblastoma. Currently, most clinicians perform a visual and qualitative assessment. Alternatively, artificial intelligence can be trained to extract imaging biomarkers by measuring the signal in each unique voxel of a region of interest provided by each imaging technique. Ultimately, artificial intelligence can resume the information provided by multiple voxels from multiple imaging modality to provide one single quantitative probability map using supervoxels (synthetic summary of all voxels from the same volume of interest using different imaging modalities)

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