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Fig. 1

From: In vivo imaging of early stages of rheumatoid arthritis by α5β1-integrin-targeted positron emission tomography

Fig. 1

Clinical scores and PET uptakes of mice developing a collagen-induced arthritis (CIA). a Average clinical RA scores for hind limbs, ranging from 0 = no symptoms to 4 = severe arthritis. b Average MRI-based synovitis scores for right ankle, scores according to EULAR-OMERACT RAMRIS ranging from 0 = no symptoms to 3 = severe synovitis. cf Region-of-interest (ROI) based uptakes of the PET imaging agents 68Ga-Aquibeprin (α5β1-integrin) and 68Ga-Avebetrin (αvβ3-integrin) in the left knee (c), right knee (d), left ankle (e), and right ankle (f). Data were generated for cohorts of 6 animals and are given as mean ± SD

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