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Fig. 3

From: Biodistribution and radiation dosimetry of [18F]-JK-PSMA-7 as a novel prostate-specific membrane antigen-specific ligand for PET/CT imaging of prostate cancer

Fig. 3

SUVmax, SUVpeak, and TBR of [18F]-JK-PSMA-7 in six patients with 18 PSMA-positive lesions. Time course of SUVmax and SUVpeak for patient group no. 1 (data acquisition between 20 and 140 min p.i., three patients, 6 lesions) exhibited in a and patient group no. 2 (data acquisition between 80 and 200 min p.i., three patients, 12 lesions) in b. Corresponding TBR for patient group no. 1 shown in c and patient group no. 2 in d. All error bars refer to the standard deviation

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