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Fig. 2

From: Repeatability of tumor blood flow quantification with 82Rubidium PET/CT in prostate cancer — a test-retest study

Fig. 2

Replicate measures are plotted against each other for K1 (a), SUVmax (b), SUVmean (c), and SUVpeak (d). Gray dashed line represents y = x, whereas the solid black line is the linear fit. Linear equation and Pearson’s r2 are shown. Bland-Altman plots of back-transformed data for K1 (a), SUVmax (b), SUVmean (c), and SUVpeak (d). The black solid line is the mean difference between measurement 2 and 1. Black dotted lines are 95% upper and lower 95% limits of agreement (1.96 × sd on the log-transformed data)

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