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Fig. 3

From: A phase 0 study of the pharmacokinetics, biodistribution, and dosimetry of 188Re-liposome in patients with metastatic tumors

Fig. 3

188Re-liposome SPECT/CT imaging showing tumor targeting and uptake in a NPC patient (Pt. 14) with pulmonary and mediastinal metastasis: a 1 month before 188Re-liposome injection, MRI there is a soft tissue lesion (blue arrow) in the left nasopharynx; b SPECT/CT 24 h after 188Re-liposome injection, there is a high uptake and efficient targeting (3.99%ID/kg) in the corresponding tumor lesion (blue arrow), as seen on the MRI; c anterior upper-body images for patient 14 at six different time points after 188Re-liposome injection (blue arrows indicate the lesion over the left nasopharynx); d the nasopharyncoscopic examination 1 month before 188Re-liposome injection shows the left nasopharyngeal mass with a crust and mucoid (yellow arrow); e 2 months after 188Re-liposome injection, there are engorged blood vessels and irregular surface over the left nasopharynx (yellow arrow); and f 1 year after the trial, the nasopharyngoscopic study shows fibrosis over the left nasopharynx (yellow arrow)

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