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Fig. 3

From: Diagnostic performance of the specific uptake size index for semi-quantitative analysis of I-123-FP-CIT SPECT: harmonized multi-center research setting versus typical clinical single-camera setting

Fig. 3

FP-CIT SPECT images from the mono-site/mono-camera setting with discrepant classification as “neurodegenerative PS” or “non-neurodegenerative PS” based on the putaminal SUSI computed in patient space versus classification based on the putaminal SBR. The upper row shows transversal slices through the striatum in patient space. The lower row shows the same transversal slice with the transformed mask of caudate, putamen and the reference region overlaid. dSUSI = 100*(individual SUSI – SUSI cutoff) / SUSI cutoff, dSBR = 100*(individual SBR – SBR cutoff) / SBR cutoff

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