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Fig. 5

From: Noninvasive assessment and quantification of tumor vascularization using [18F]FDG-PET/CT and CE-CT in a tumor model with modifiable angiogenesis—an animal experimental prospective cohort study

Fig. 5

Histology and immunohistology. The upper and lower rows depict images from fluorescent microscopy and light microscopy with CD-31vessel marker, respectively. The left and right columns depict images of non-co-transplanted and co-transplanted tumors, respectively. In fluorescent histology, one red fluorescent bead is detectable within a part of compact tumor tissue in a non-co-transplanted tumor. In contrast, two fluorescent beads within clear visible vessel lumens in co-transplanted tumor. In light microscopy, the CD-31-positive areas (vasculature) stained in brown, and the gray/blue tumor stromal tissue is visible. In the non-co-transplanted tumor less compact tumor tissue developed and in contrast, brown vessel walls surrounded by blue compact vital tumor tissue in co-transplanted tumor

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