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Fig. 5

From: Bone SPECT-based segmented attenuation correction for quantitative analysis of bone metastasis (B-SAC): comparison with CT-based attenuation correction

Fig. 5

Comparison of CTAC(+)SC(+)RR(+) and the other five reconstruction conditions in SUV measurement in a patient with bone metastases in the thoracic spine, rib, and sternum. a CTAC(+)SC(+)RR(+). b B-SACN (+)SC(+)RR(+). c B-SACM (+)SC(+)RR(+). d UAC(+)SC(+)RR(+). e AC(−)SC(+)RR(+). f NC. g Relative SUVs observed with the reconstructions af to those observed with CTAC(+)SC(+)RR(+)

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