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Fig. 3

From: Diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging using a preclinical 1 T PET/MRI in healthy and tumor-bearing rats

Fig. 3

a Rate of HCC growth in rats. Tumor volume was measured after 10 and 20 days, as well as 13 days for tumors 1 to 4 and 16 days for tumor 5. b Representative T2-weighted images of rat 3 (tumor: white arrow) and rat 4 (tumor: white arrow) at three different time points revealing morphologic heterogeneity due to a different tumor growth rate. Viable tumor tissue is represented by hyperintense areas within the tumor, while degraded tumor tissue including necrotic areas is represented by hypointense areas. c The FDG-avid fractions of the tumor for three rats are shown. Decreasing values indicate increasing non-metabolically active tissue. d Fused FDG-PET/T2w tumor images of rat 4 (upper row) as well as threshold-based ROIs indicating viable tumor tissue for three different time points (d10, d16, d20)

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