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Table 1 List of variables that are used in VOI segmentation and validation

From: Multi-modal image analysis for semi-automatic segmentation of the total liver and liver arterial perfusion territories for radioembolization

Step Variable Description
Tumor segmentation THR (init) Initial threshold of FDG uptake for tumor core definition
Tumor segmentation BG (Ti) Measured background of tumor i
Tumor segmentation max (Ti) Measured maximum FDG uptake of tumor i
Tumor segmentation THR (Ti) Final threshold for tumor i
Liver evaluation DICE Dice coefficient
Liver evaluation TPR True positive ratio (sensitivity)
Liver evaluation PPV Positive prediciton value
Liver evaluation RV Relative volume
Liver/LPT evaluation aHD Average Hausdorff distance
Liver/LPT evaluation mHD Maximum Hausdorff distance
LPT evaluation Vdiff Volume difference
LPT evaluation Rratio, Lratio Right and left volume ratio