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Fig. 4

From: Multi-modal image analysis for semi-automatic segmentation of the total liver and liver arterial perfusion territories for radioembolization

Fig. 4

Tumor segmentation steps for one of the tumors (patient ID BI01 from training set in our database) that is visible in the slice by using the method proposed in [78]. For the other tumor(s), the same algorithm was used a initial 18F-FDG PET and (liver segmentation: green), b18F-FDG initial threshold and finding initial tumor burden (liver segmentation, green ; tumor cores, red), c finding specific background for each tumor (liver segmentation, green; tumor cores, red; background, blue), and d final tumor thresholding (liver segmentation, green; initial tumor volume which is not included in the final tumor segmentation, red; final tumor segmentation, blue)

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