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Fig. 4

From: First-in-class positron emission tomography tracer for the glucagon receptor

Fig. 4

In vivo biodistribution in rat of [68Ga]Ga-DO3A-S01-GCG or [68Ga]Ga-DO3A-S02-GCG. [68Ga]Ga-DO3A-S01-GCG displayed rapid washout from most tissues with retention in GCGR-rich liver (a). The liver-to-blood ratio increased throughout 180 min (b). [68Ga]Ga-DO3A-S02-GCG also exhibited retention in the liver but to a lesser degree (c). Similarly, the liver-to-blood ratio was less pronounced for [68Ga]Ga-DO3A-S02-GCG as compared to [68Ga]Ga-DO3A-S01-GCG (d). The biodistribution data was obtained from n = 2 animals for each time point. The bars in panels a and c represent the average of two animals

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