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Fig. 1

From: Personalised insulin calculator enables safe and effective correction of hyperglycaemia prior to FDG PET/CT

Fig. 1

Case example demonstrating practical use of the insulin calculator. Seventy-three-year old man referred for FDG PET/CT staging of melanoma. Baseline BGL is 14.2 mmol/L (weight 75 kg and height 176 cm), and 7 IU Actrapid insulin was administered as per personalised insulin calculator recommendation. BGL declined to nadir of 5.4 mmol/L at 45 min, remaining stable prior to FDG injection. Maximum intensity projection shows diagnostic-quality FDG PET with appropriate target-to-background ratio and expected bio-distribution (no elevated skeletal muscle activity). Intense colon uptake associated with metformin administration noted. Personalised insulin calculator equations are provided (see Additional file 1 for details)

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