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Fig. 3

From: Impact of a combination of quantitative indices representing uptake intensity, shape, and asymmetry in DAT SPECT using machine learning: comparison of different volume of interest settings

Fig. 3

ROC analysis of the three types of indices. a The AUCs for SBR-Q and SBR-V were 0.978 and 0.906, respectively. b The AUCs for PCR-Q and FD-V were 0.837 and 0.972, respectively. c The AUCs for AI-Q and AI-V were 0.802 and 0.829, respectively. Abbreviations: AI, asymmetry index; AUC, area under the curve; FD, fractal dimension; PCR, putamen-to-caudate ratio; ROC, receiver-operating characteristics; SBR, specific binding ratio

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