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Fig. 2

From: Monitoring anti-PD-1-based immunotherapy in non-small cell lung cancer with FDG PET: introduction of iPERCIST

Fig. 2

A 64-year-old patient with metastatic lung adenocarcinoma was treated with a second line of nivolumab. SCAN-1 shows lung nodules with adrenal metastases (a, maximum intensity projection (MIP) image, arrows; b, e axial fusion). SCAN-2 at 8 weeks of treatment (4 cycles) showing partial metabolic response (PMR): complete metabolic response on the lungs and left adrenal lesions (c MIP, d axial fusion) but persistent and significant FDG uptake on the right adrenal lesion (f arrow). The classification was PMR according to iPERCIST. Nivolumab treatment was maintained for 10 months, and at the last follow-up, the patient was still alive (survival of 23.8 months)

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