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Fig. 4

From: Optimization of a dedicated protocol using a small-voxel PSF reconstruction for head-and-neck 18FDG PET/CT imaging in differentiated thyroid cancer

Fig. 4

Comparison of maximal standard uptake values (SUVmax) (mean, SD) between vascular background (BKG) and 18FDG-foci suggestive of tumour detected or not on 3D-OSEM (a) and PSFallpass (b) reconstructed PET images. PSF− are lesions not detected by PSFallpass, OSEM− are those not detected by 3D-OSEM. Conversely, PSF+ are lesions detected by PSFallpass and OSEM+ are those detected by 3D-OSEM. NS: non-significant; * the number of 18FDG-foci in the PSF− group (n = 2) does not enable statistical analysis

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