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Fig. 4

From: Implementation of patient dosimetry in the clinical practice after targeted radiotherapy using [177Lu-[DOTA0, Tyr3]-octreotate

Fig. 4

Absorbed dose per administered activity (in mGy/MBq) calculated with personalized (CT scan-based) organ masses and standard organ masses (given by OLINDA/EXM® V1.0 software) after cycle 1 (C1 personalized and C1 standard) and cycle 2 (C2 personalized and C2 standard). As our dosimetry methodology was based on L2-L3-L4 red marrow delineation, it could not be used for patients 3 and 11 who had tumors in contact with L2, L3, L4 and L2, L3, or L4 vertebral metastases

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