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Fig. 5

From: Preclinical evaluation of PSMA expression in response to androgen receptor blockade for theranostics in prostate cancer

Fig. 5

Efficacy of combined ARB and 177Lu-PSMA617 radioligand therapy. Tumor volume was determined by CT. The fold-change in tumor volume after RLT (day 1) administration related to the tumor volume immediately prior to RLT (day 0) is shown. The last dose of ENZ was given at day 0. Data are represented as mean ± SD. a Tumor volume change in all groups. Asterisks indicate significance in vehicle and ENZ groups vs. RLT and ENZ+RLT groups, respectively (****p < 0.0001; **p < 0.01). b Tumor volume change in the RLT and ENZ+RLT groups (p = not significant). c Kaplan-Meyer plot for survival

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