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Table 2 Model calculation for maximum allowed HEPES concentration and determination of HEPES content in exemplary [68Ga]Ga-Pentixafor product samples measured with HPLC and TLC (ImageJ)

From: Development and evaluation of a rapid analysis for HEPES determination in 68Ga-radiotracers

Model calculation
 Product activity Product volume Activity for administration Calculated max. HEPES concentration
  900 MBq 16 mL 150 MBq (in 2.67 mL) 200 μg/2.67 mL = 75 μg/mL
Determination of HEPES concentration in a radiopharmaceutical
 Method [68Ga]Ga-Pentixafor 1 [μg/mL] [68Ga]Ga-Pentixafor 2 [μg/mL] [68Ga]Ga-Pentixafor 3 [μg/mL]
  TLC (Ph. Eur.) 169.4 (no release) 23.7 2.6
  TLC (improved) 71.6 23.9 6.6
  HPLC (Antunes et al.) 65.97 19.17 8.83