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Fig. 9

From: Performance evaluation of the next generation solid-state digital photon counting PET/CT system

Fig. 9

Intra-individual comparison of a SD cPET (75 min p.i., 3i33s) with b SD dPET (103 min p.i., 3i15s) and c UHD dPET (103 min p.i., 3i13s) for a clinical patient with extensive metastatic disease in the lung and the liver (BMI = 18.5, 503 MBq FDG, 90 s/bed). Images were reconstructed using 3D OSEM TOF. The contrast of lesions is improved on SD dPET and prominently on UHD dPET compared to SD cPET. The lesion conspicuity and detectability as well as the diagnostic confidence for the pulmonary and hepatic lesions are classified by blinded reader analysis as substantially improved on dPET. It revealed an average of 23 ± 16% and 58 ± 15% higher SUVpeak values for SD dPET and UHD dPET than SD cPET based on five representative lesions selected (pointed by red arrows), respectively

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