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Fig. 8

From: Performance evaluation of the next generation solid-state digital photon counting PET/CT system

Fig. 8

Image quality of dPET via various phantom measurements. a HD and UHD dPET images of the ACR phantom cold rods. b CQIE dPET uniformity. c Comparison of dPET vs cPET of the NEMA IEC Body phantom images at different SBRs: (c1) window-level setting: SUV LL = 0, UL = SUVmax of cPET at each SBR; (c2) window-level setting: same background with SUV LL = 0, UL = 5.0; (c3) RCs of dPET vs cPET as a function of sphere sizes (10–37 mm) at different SBRs (2–100)

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