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Table 2 BAT and SUD scores’ characteristics

From: Brain metabolism and related connectivity in patients with acrophobia treated by virtual reality therapy: an 18F-FDG PET pilot study sensitized by virtual exposure

  BAT score SUD score
Definition Behavioural avoidance test Subjective unit of discomfort
Scale /10 /100
Interpretation A low score is in favour of avoidance A high score is in favour of discomfort
Test This test is specific to this study. The subject has to walk, in a virtual environment, over a transparent platform located above an 800-m (2640 ft) canyon. The subject has to determine his/her own feeling of discomfort.
Scoring The score on a 10-point scale relies on the distance covered by the subject while immersed in the virtual environment. The score is on a 100-point scale. The subject is his/her own reference.
Estimated healthy controls score 10 0