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Fig. 5

From: Voxel-wise analysis of dynamic 18F-FET PET: a novel approach for non-invasive glioma characterisation

Fig. 5

Contrast-enhanced T1-weighted MRI images of four example patients, and the corresponding parametric images of the early and late TBR, the TTP, and the negative and positive Slope15–40 for the voxels within the BTV (zoom factor 2; BTV marked with white contour; TTP and Slope5–15 images estimated from dynamic PET data smoothed with a Gaussian with 10 mm FWHM). a Images of three example patients with parameter distributions characteristic of one IDH-mut non-codel WHO grade II glioma, one IDH-mut codel WHO grade II glioma, and one IDH-wt WHO grade III glioma. b One example patient (IDH-mut codel WHO grade II glioma) with a mixed pattern in parametric images, where maximum uptake in TBR images does not co-localise with the hotspot with early TTP and negative Slope15–40

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