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Table 2 Full-width at half maximum for SUV harmonization of PET scanners

From: Multicentre analysis of PET SUV using vendor-neutral software: the Japanese Harmonization Technology (J-Hart) study

PET scanner Range of FWHM for GF for inclusion in JSNM reference range (mm) Optimum FWHM for GF to obtain smallest RMSE compared with DRO10mm (mm)
Aquiduo 5–7 5
Bio3R 5–9 5
Bio4R 8–10 8
BioTP 9 9
Celesteion 6–10 6
DIQ 8, 9 8
DSTE No filter No filter
DSTEP No filter No filter
D600 6–9 6
D690 6–9 6
GTF 5–7 5
GXL No filter No filter
  1. DRO digital reference object, FWHM full-width at half maximum, GF Gaussian filter, RMSE root mean square error