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Fig. 2

From: 18F-FDG and 68Ga-somatostatin analogs PET/CT in patients with Merkel cell carcinoma: a comparison study

Fig. 2

PET/CT images performed for re-staging in patient #14. Transaxial 18F-FDG (a) and 68Ga-somatostatin analogs (b, c) at different intensity levels. PET/CT images showed abnormal tracer uptake in both adrenal metastatic lesions (red arrows). Both adrenals were enlarged (right > left). The pattern of uptake was inhomogeneous with both 18F-FDG and 68Ga-somatostatin analogs and, in the whole, a “reverse” and complementary distribution of uptake was evident with the two tracers, with clearly parts of the tumor that take up one or the other tracer (e.g., the “hottest” part of the right adrenal at 18F-FDG appears substantially “cold” at 68Ga-SRI)

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