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Fig. 3

From: Reproducible quantification of cardiac sympathetic innervation using graphical modeling of carbon-11-meta-hydroxyephedrine kinetics with dynamic PET-CT imaging

Fig. 3

Model fitting results for the same patient scan shown in Fig. 2. a One-tissue-compartment (1TC) analysis of [11C]HED PET data showing time-activity curves in arterial whole-blood (red) and metabolite-corrected arterial plasma (dotted red), as well as LV myocardial ROI (dark blue) and myocardial tissue alone (cyan). Residuals (measured–modeled PET data) are shown in green. b Logan and c MA1 plots of LV myocardial uptake demonstrating that steady-state (linear response) is reached after approximately 5 min post-injection (frame #15)

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