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Table 1 Study design for method development and pilot application

From: A semi-automatic technique to quantify complex tuberculous lung lesions on 18F-fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography/computerised tomography images

  Training set Test set
Group Negative controls Positive controls Negative controls PTB cases
  n = 15 n = 5 n = 5 n = 5
PET-CT indication Clinical Observational cohort Observational cohort Observational cohort
Clinical background Diagnostic work-up PTB patients, after treatment PTB contacts PTB patients on treatment,
Scan time-points Single scan Single scan, after TB treatment Single scan Baseline, month 1 and month 6 of treatment
Lung scan findings Lesion free Minimal to mild intensity lesions after TB treatment Lesion free Extensive lesions
Main function of inclusion Optimising Z-score threshold specificity Optimising Z-score threshold sensitivity Testing specificity Pilot application