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Table 3 Summary of responses to the questionnaire (restricted response categories only)

From: Computer-aided diagnosis for (123I)FP-CIT imaging: impact on clinical reporting

Question Responses
A lot Moderately A little Not at all Unsure
In general, how well did your initial reporting decisions correlate with the CADx output? Rad1
  Substantial impact Moderate impact Small impact No impact Unsure
In general, how would you rate the impact of the CADx algorithm on your reporting decisions? Rad1 Rad2
   CADx Semi-quant Both Unsure
Would you prefer to have CADx for assistive DaTSCAN reporting or semi-quantification? Or Both?   Rad1
  Yes (substantial benefit) Yes (moderate benefit) Yes (small benefit) No Unsure
Would it benefit you if the CADx system also provided information on how it came to its decision (e.g. reduced putamen uptake, high background uptake) CS1 Rad1
  Substantial benefit Moderate benefit Small benefit No benefit Unsure
To what extent would the CADx system be a useful training tool to improve DaTSCAN reporting performance for inexperienced clinicians? Rad2 Rad1 CS1