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Table 6 Inter-reconstruction diagnostic discrepancy

From: A new SPECT/CT reconstruction algorithm: reliability and accuracy in clinical routine for non-oncologic bone diseases

  Symptoms xSPECT Bone® abnormalities Flash 3D® abnormalities Diagnosis* Error
  Discrepancy between Flash 3D and diagnosis*
1 Hip pain Right hip uptake No pathological uptake Right hip arthrosis F3D-false negative
2 Right ankle pain Right os trigonum syndrome Right talus contusion Right os trigonum syndrome F3D-location
3 Left knee joint pain Uptake of fracture sequelae of patella No pathological uptake Knee arthritis F3D-false negative
4 Left gluteal region pain Left sacroiliac joint uptake No pathological uptake Sacroiliac arthritis F3D-false negative
5 Left knee joint pain, intercondylar eminence fracture several months ago Intercondylar eminence uptake No pathological uptake Intercondylar eminence pseudarthrosis F3D-false negative
6 Lumbar pain Zygapophyseal arthritis No pathological uptake Zygapophyseal arthritis F3D-false negative
  Discrepancy between xSPECT Bone® and diagnosis*
7 Left ankle pain Tarsometatarsal arthritis No pathological uptake Fibromyalgia xB-false positive
8 Chronic left ankle pain No pathological uptake Calcaneus fracture Fracture xB-false negative
9 Right hip pain, prosthesis No pathological uptake Hip uptake Prosthesis failure xB-false negative
10 First tarsometatarsal pain No pathological uptake Tarsometatarsal uptake Tarsometatarsal arthritis xB-false negative
11 Feet pain Micro fracture of the head of the 2nd metatarsal 2nd metatarso-phalangeal joint uptake Arthritis xB-location
12 Feet pain Micro fracture of cuboid bone No pathological uptake Spontaneous disappearance of pain xB-false positive
13 Left scapula pain Supraspinatus tendinopathy No pathological uptake Spontaneous disappearance of pain xB-false positive
14 Left ankle pain No pathological uptake Plantar fasciitis Plantar fasciitis xB-false negative
15 Right wrist pain Lunate bone fracture Lunate–capitate bone conflict Pseudarthrosis xB-location
16 Distal left thumb pain Osteitis of the last phalange No pathological uptake Conversion disorder xB-false positive
  Non-informative clinical and paraclinical follow-up
17 Left foot pain Sesamoide bone contusion Tarsometatarsal arthritis   
18 Left ankle pain Talocrural arthritis with malleolus fracture Talocrural arthritis without malleolus fracture  
19 Left ankle pain Tibia fracture Talocrural arthritis  
20 Right tibia pain Talus fracture No pathological uptake  
21 Right first metatarsal bone pain Sesamoide–metatarsal bone conflict Fracture of the head of the first metatarsal bone  
  1. F3D Flash 3D®, xB xSPECT Bone®
  2. *Diagnosis was done thanks to clinical and paraclinical follow-up