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Table 2 Categorical classification of the diagnosis

From: A new SPECT/CT reconstruction algorithm: reliability and accuracy in clinical routine for non-oncologic bone diseases

1 Normal scintigraphy No pathological uptake
CT anomaly without uptake on the SPECT
Non-pathological bone remodeling, after surgery for instance
2 Articular disease Arthrosis
Os trigonum syndrome
Infectious arthritis
Joint manifestation of alkaptonuria
Prosthesis failure
Stress shielding
Bone–prosthesis conflict
3 Periarticular disease Heel spur
Rheumatic disease
Plantar fasciitis
4 Fracture or tumor pathology Fracture
Osteochondral lesion of the talar dom
Micro fracture
Fibrous dysplasia of bone
Osteoid osteoma
5 Complex regional pain syndrome Complex regional pain syndrome