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Fig. 4

From: A new SPECT/CT reconstruction algorithm: reliability and accuracy in clinical routine for non-oncologic bone diseases

Fig. 4

Location error of xSPECT Bone® related to the movements between SPECT and CT acquisition. This SPECT/CT was performed in order to explore a foot pain with suspicion of complex regional pain syndrome. An uptake of the second metatarso-phalangeal joint is observed on the F3D image (a) whereas an uptake of the head of the second metatarsal is observed on the xB image (b). The absence of traumatic context and the evolution with painful flares for 2 years suggests an osteoarthritic origin, confirming the hypothesis evoked by F3D/CT. Moreover, we can observe on the axial slice F3D/CT (c) a spatial shift between F3D acquisition and CT acquisition related to the movements of the patient, causing a bad reconstruction and a localization error of xB

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