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Fig. 2

From: Subcellular storage and release mode of the novel 18F-labeled sympathetic nerve PET tracer LMI1195

Fig. 2

Comparison of both tracers in PC12 cells treated with 100 mM KCl in the presence (+) or absence (−) of EDTA. Y-axis represents the difference of release index, i.e., counts over control after 30 min of treatment with high concentration KCl buffer. Both 18F-LMI1195 (n = 3 of each testing group) and 131I-MIBG (n = 3 of each testing group) were released from PC12 cells after treatment with high concentration KCl in the absence of EDTA, whereas the effect was mitigated in the presence of EDTA. **p < 0.005 vs. EDTA (+) group at the same condition; all data points presented as mean ± SD

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