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Table 4 Frequency of activations in AR and eAR – dependency on selected threshold for statistical inferences and applied smoothing filter-kernel. Frequency of activation in AR around 65–82% were reached with p < 0.001 for studies without anesthesia and p < 0.01 for those with anesthesia (bold, S = [20 mm]3). Gray background indicates which values have been compared with respect to significance of difference (explicitly assigned by superscripts)

From: Feasibility of 15O-water PET studies of auditory system activation during general anesthesia in children

  1. AR auditory regions, eAR extra-auditory regions, PN promontory needle electrode, CI cochlear implant, S smoothing filter-kernel
  2. a, b, c, d Significant differences within columns (t-test: p < 0.05), 1, 2, 3 Significant differences within rows (t-test: p < 0.05)