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Table 2 Table comparing the final diagnosis with standard-voxel or small-voxel PET/CT visual scores for malignant lymph nodes, benign lymph nodes and all lymph nodes

From: Diagnostic implications of a small-voxel reconstruction for loco-regional lymph node characterization in breast cancer patients using FDG-PET/CT

  Small-voxel correct Small-voxel not correct p value
Malignant lymph nodes (n = 148)
 Standard-voxel correct 112 1 < 0.001
 Standard-voxel not correct 20 15
Benign lymph nodes (n = 61)
 Standard-voxel correct 42 12 0.04
 Standard-voxel not correct 3 4
All lymph nodes (n = 209)
 Standard-voxel correct 154 13 0.13
 Standard-voxel not correct 23 19
  1. For malignant lymph nodes, the small-voxel score was more often correct as compared to the standard-voxel score (p < 0.001), while for benign lymph nodes, the standard-voxel score was more often correct (p = 0.04). Across all lymph nodes visualised on PET/CT, accuracies of standard- and small-voxel scores were comparable (p = 0.13)
  2. PET/CT positron emission tomography/computed tomography