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Table 1 Time-integrated activity coefficients of source organs (mean ± SD) for healthy subjects injected with [64Cu]CuCl2

From: Biodistribution and radiation dosimetry of [64Cu]copper dichloride: first-in-human study in healthy volunteers

Source organ Adult male
SD Adult female
Brain 3.43E-02 3.18E-03 3.90E-02 1.17E-02
Red marrow 1.37E-03 8.13E-04 1.40E-03 4.67E-04
Liver 6.52E + 00 1.45E + 00 6.62E + 00 9.05E-01
Pancreas 7.96E-02 9.12E-03 9.02E-02 1.41E-04
Kidneys 2.06E-01 5.52E-02 2.49E-01 6.93E-02
LLI 5.01E-01 1.38E-01 4.78E-01 1.01E-01
SI 3.30E-01 9.08E-02 3.14E-01 6.62E-02
ULI 6.27E-01 1.73E-01 5.98E-01 1.26E-01
Remainder 9.75E + 00 1.34E + 00 9.57E + 00 1.35E + 00
  1. Abbreviations: LLI lower large intestine, SI small intestine, ULI upper large intestine