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Fig. 7

From: Evaluation of the novel TSPO radiotracer [18F] VUIIS1008 in a preclinical model of cerebral ischemia in rats

Fig. 7

Immunofluorescent labeling of CD11b (red) and TSPO (green) in the contralateral and the ischemic area shown as two channels. The data show the TSPO expression in microglial cells at day 7 after cerebral ischemia. a Regions selected for immunohistochemistry studies (*, **, and ***) in a PET image of [18F] VUIIS1008 co-registered with the MRI-T2W of the same animal at day 7 after MCAO. b, e Merged images for the two immunofluorescent antibodies in the contralateral and ipsilateral brain hemispheres at different magnifications (*20× and **100×). f CD11b-reactive microglia/macrophages are increased in the lesion. g TSPO overexpression corresponds to the CD11b-reactive cells. Scale bars *50 μm and **5 μm

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