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Fig. 5

From: Evaluation of the novel TSPO radiotracer [18F] VUIIS1008 in a preclinical model of cerebral ischemia in rats

Fig. 5

Time-activity curves for [18F] VUIIS1008 and displacements by an excess of 1 mg/Kg of either DPA-714 or VUIIS1008 at day 7 after ischemia onset. The activity curve of the VOI placed on the ipsilateral (lesion) or on the contralateral hemisphere of rats injected with [18F] VUIIS1008 (n = 8) (a) are shown. Displacement experiments: [18F] VUIIS1008 followed by DPA-714 (n = 5) (b) and [18F] VUIIS1008 followed by VUIIS1008 (n = 6) (c). d Corresponding ratios of the lesion to the contralateral brain hemispheres of non-displaced and displacement experiments at 60 min. Data are expressed as %ID/cm3 ratios of the lesion to the contralateral brain hemisphere. Arrows indicate the time of displacement at 20 min after radiotracer injection

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