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Table 3 Prognostic estimation of Gleason scores using asphericity, viable tumor volume, and total lesion binding rate on multivariable analysis

From: Potential of asphericity as a novel diagnostic parameter in the evaluation of patients with 68Ga-PSMA-HBED-CC PET-positive prostate cancer lesions

  Estimate p value Confidence interval 95%
ASP (%) 0.71 p < 0.05 0.35–1.06
VTV (cm3) 0.36 p < 0.05 0.03–0.69
TLB − 0.02 p > 0.05 − 0.04–0.004
  1. On multivariable analysis using ordinal logistic regression, correlation of the ASP to GSc was independent against VTV and TLB. A comparable weaker effect was found for VTV as well. Abbreviations: ASP asphericity, VTV viable tumor volume, TLB total lesion binding rate