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Table 2 Celesteion: major PET technical characteristics

From: Initial evaluation of the Celesteion large-bore PET/CT scanner in accordance with the NEMA NU2-2012 standard and the Japanese guideline for oncology FDG PET/CT data acquisition protocol version 2.0

Detector ring diameter (cm) 90.7
Detector material LYSO
No. of individual crystals 30,720
No. of crystals/ring 640
No. of detector rings 48
No. of image planes 96
Crystal size (mm2) 4 × 4
Face of crystal block (mm2) 196 × 65
Crystals per block 48 × 16
No. of PMTs 480
No. of detector modules 40
Patient port diameter (cm) 88
Axial field of view (cm) 19.6
Transaxial field of view (cm) 70
Axial sampling interval (mm) 2
Coincidence window width (ns) 1.6–3.2
Energy window (keV) 425–650
External pin source 68Ge (185 MBq)
  1. PMT photomultiplier tube