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Table 1 Celesteion: major CT technical characteristics

From: Initial evaluation of the Celesteion large-bore PET/CT scanner in accordance with the NEMA NU2-2012 standard and the Japanese guideline for oncology FDG PET/CT data acquisition protocol version 2.0

Scan mode Helical, conventional, dynamic, scanogram
Aperture (cm) 90
Maximum scan field of view (cm) 70
No. of slices per rotation 1–16
Nominal slice width (mm) 0.5, 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8
Tube voltage (kV) 80, 100, 120, 135
Tube current (mA) 10–600 in 10-mA increments
Detector material Solid state
No. of elements along Z-axis 16
No. of detectors per row 994
Total effective length of detector array at isocenter (mm) 32
Variable scan speed (s) 0.5–1.5
Helical pitch Detailed (11)
Standard (15)
Fast (23)
Max coverage (s/m) 10.9 (2 mm × 16 rows, HP:Fast, 0.5 s/rot.)
Maximum continuous scan time (s) 100
Helical interpolation algorithms available MUSCOT and TCOT+ (helical)
Heat capacity (MHU) 7.5
Maximum power (kW) 72